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Welcome to hikeplanner, a route planning tool for slovak hiking trails.

Hikeplanner howto

  1. Choose area or mountain range of your interest
  2. Select your starting point, destination and (optional) passthru point from the list of crossroads. Please note, start and end points should be different if no passthru point selected.
  3. Choose criteria how should the algorithm optimize your route:
    • Shortest distance available
    • Avoid climbs and falls as much as possible
    • Prefer red trail

What you get

  • Route from starting point to your destination through an optional passthru point.
  • Colors of marked trails to take
  • Distance
  • Summary of ascents and descents
  • Informative altitude profile of your route
  • Time estimate

What's keeping us busy

  • Tourist map with english interface
  • Slovak mountain dictionary
  • GPX exports
  • Pictures of trails
  • Forum & FAQ

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